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Les Kotzer

"Estate lawyer Les Kotzer was looking to create an ice-breaker, so he wrote the lyrics to a song called 'The Family Fight' about squabbling between siblings after their mother's death."
-Associated Press

Les presenting a CD of "These Are Our Heroes" to members of engine 54 of the New York fire department.

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Wills Lawyer, Les Kotzer is also a Professional Musician.  This page links to the lyrics of his songs.

Click a title to see the lyrics of the song.

'Photos In A Drawer'

'The Family Fight Song'

'You're A Bird, I'm a Tree'

'Before It Fades Away'

'I'm On A Ship'

'I'll Paint A Picture'

'In the 60's'

'You Made The Difference'

'I'll Carry You With Me'

'Let Me Touch Your Heart'

'How Do You Take Yourself Back?'

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